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Owner On-Boarding Checklist

Welcoming owners to the management of their vacation rental property involves a meticulous on-boarding process designed to ensure a seamless transition into the rental market. From initial registration to the ongoing maintenance, the checklist encompasses crucial steps such as property inspection and documentation, establishment of rental rates, creation of compelling property listings, coordination of professional photography, and implementation of dynamic pricing strategies.

Owner On-Boarding Checklist
Digital Guidebooks

Digital Guidebooks

NexAero Digital Guidebooks revolutionize the experience for vacation property managers by providing a sophisticated and user-friendly platform to create immersive and informative guides for their rental properties. With NexAero, property managers can effortlessly craft visually appealing digital guidebooks that showcase every aspect of the vacation rental experience.

Professional Photography & Staging

Recognizing the pivotal role visuals play in attracting guests, NexAero ensures that each property is showcased in its best light. The service includes a team of skilled photographers who capture stunning images, highlighting the unique features and ambiance of the vacation rental. NexAero goes beyond conventional photography by offering expert staging services to elevate the aesthetic appeal of each space, making it more enticing for potential guests. 

Luxury Lynx B&B with stunning views of Prescott Valley & Lynx Golf course