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Things to Do - Flagstaff

Things to Do in Flagstaff

Flagstaff, AZ is more than just the closest city to Grand Canyon National Park or home of Northern Arizona University. Flagstaff is a vibrant, little city with a thriving local and mountain culture that invites outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world (and from other parts of Arizona, of course) to come take advantage of its vibrant alpine setting, cool weather and even cooler lifestyle. Located at 7,000 ft. elevation, Flagstaff is a full, four-season vacation destination; training grounds for many athletic and US Olympic teams; a mecca for celestial observations; and last but certainly not least, it is home to 70,000 people who prioritize family, community, work and play balance in their daily lives.

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Things to Do in Prescott

Prescott, Arizona will surprise you no matter what you think you know about the area. Known for it’s authentic cowboy history, Whiskey Row, moderate climate, and convenient livability – Prescott offers hidden gems of every sort just around the corner. At an elevation of 5,200 feet, you’ll find yourself surrounded by ponderosa pine forests, giant granite boulders, lakes, and endless hiking and mountain biking trails in and around the city. Prescott’s climate provides with four moderate, but distinct seasons with uncommon views of mountains, lakes, streams, and rolling meadows filled with wildlife. 

Things to Do - Prescott

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Things to Do - Sedona

Things to Do in Sedona

Welcome to breathtaking Sedona, AZ! Sedona is absolutely a vacation destination in its own right, but many visitors find themselves here jon their way to the Grand Canyon or part of their big American Southwest Adventure. If a visit to the Grand Canyon part of your plan, we highly recommend that you book yourself a Sedona hotel room or vacation rental for a couple of nights. Sedona is also a fantastic home base to visit all of what northern Arizona has to offer. From Sedona jeep tours, hiking, Slide Rock, and Oak Creek Canyon to spiritual healing, massages, psychic readings and energy vortexes, Sedona will have your senses buzzing for days!

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Things to Do at the Grand Canyon

When planning a Grand Canyon vacation, the first three big questions that cross most people’s minds are 1) Where should we visit? 2) Where should we stay? 3) What should we do? More questions are likely to follow such as What time of year should we go to the Grand Canyon? How do we get there, in terms of flying into a nearby airport, arranging ground transportation or a rental car, or booking a tour; and What is the most cost-effective way to visit the Grand Canyon?

Things to Do - Grand Canyon

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The Canyon

Things to do at The Canyon

Are you ready for one of the most breath-taking experiences of your life? Grand Canyon National Park is truly a treasure unlike anything else on Earth. Visiting the Grand Canyon during these uncertain times offers fresh air, perspective, and as much excitement as you’re willing to experience. Our Grand Canyon visitor guide can assist you in planning a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trip of a lifetime.

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Things to Do in Page

Page, Arizona is a gateway city to some of the most extraordinary attractions in the great Southwest. Still one of the best-kept secrets, Page can serve as a base camp for your adventures to Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon, river rafting down the Colorado River, Lake Powell, and over ten other famous national and state parks. This locally appreciated town is starting to appear on the international map, and for good reason. Page not only offers access to some of the most famous, iconic attractions in the Southwest, but visitors can also benefit from knowledgeable tour guides, houseboat rentals, and shops equipped to outfit your self-guided expeditions.

Things to Do - Page, Arizona

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